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Godbersen-Smith Construction Company was founded in 1946 in Ida Grove, Iowa. They specialize in highways, bridges, culverts, PCC paving, and grading projects, and complete bridge and highway projects throughout the Midwest.

Godbersen-Smith Construction Company has proudly participated in several firsts in the industry. They slipformed the first street in the United States with a stringless system, built the first Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) accelerated bridge construction (ABC) project in Iowa on U.S. Route 6 in Pottawattamie County in 14 days, and poured the first bridge deck with a cylinder finisher equipped with a 3D guidance system.





Godbersen-Smith Construction Bridge & Highway Jobsite Photos


Charter Oak Jobsite
Charter Oak, Iowa


Council Bluffs Jobsite
Council Bluffs, Iowa


Sioux City Jobsite
Sioux City, Iowa


Ida Grove Jobsite
Ida Grove, Iowa


Atlantic Jobsite
Atlantic, Iowa


Graettinger Jobsite
Graettinger, Iowa


Dubuque Jobsite
Dubuque, Iowa


Nebraska City Jobsite
Nebraska City, Nebraska


Rockwell Jobsite
Rockwell, Iowa
Dumont Jobsite
Dumont, Iowa



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Godbersen-Smith Construction Company History


Godbersen-Smith Construction Company’s roots trace back to 1946 when Harold Godbersen entered into a partnership with Walt Smith. The company was known as Godbersen-Smith Building and Supply Company.

In 1948, the Building and Supply became Godbersen-Smith Construction Company. Harold served as President and Secretary while his wife, Leone, served as the Vice President and Treasurer.

Godbersen-Smith Construction was a building contractor at the time, but Harold felt the future of the company would be tied too closely to the local economy. He wanted to get into Federal and State projects. He started with culverts and bridge work in Ida County, Iowa, before branching out into the neighboring counties.


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One of the early F-500s is used to finish a project in the mid-1960s.








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